Beijing Contemporary Art Expo has been committed to the promotion of Chinese contemporary art through a variety of visionary presentations. Working closely with art galleries and institutes pertinent to China, Beijing Contemporary aims to forge a multilayered platform on which all parties involved in the contemporary art scene and interested people from every spectrum of society can transact, exhibit, communicate, gain insights and pleasure in the realm of art. In the meantime, Beijing Contemporary also aspires to introduce contemporary Chinese art, with its established cultural subjectivity and systems of value, to the larger cultural market and greater public.

Beijing Contemporary Art Expo debuted at Beijing on 2018. All the exhibitors made successful deals in 2019’s iteration. ‘Art Expo for Tomorrow’ became the sole offline art fair happened in Beijing at 2020. Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021 achieved recorded selling result and media coverage. ‘Beijing Contemporary Art Expo’ has established six sectors, namely, STORY”, VALUE, FUTURE, DIGITALLATION, ENERGY, WONDER, CO-TIME and SYMPOSIUM.





Bao Dong

Art Director

Bao Dong is an art critic and independent curator based in Beijing. He graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Academy in with an M.A. in Art History. He is currently the academic committee member the China Annual Art Critics Assembly, and guest professor at School of Experimental Art of Central Academy of Fine Arts, Sichuan Fine Arts Academy, and Department of Experimental Art of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. Through his academic and critical essays and engagement with various forms of art practice, Bao has established himself as a leading curator and critic of work produced by the “new generation.” He has been curating exhibitions for a wide range of different art organizations since early 2000s, including Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Guangdong Art Museum, the Art Center of Chulalongkorn University, Guangdong Times Museum, He Xiangning Art Museum, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and OCAT Shanghai, etc. He was awarded Asian Cultural Council (ACC) fellowship grant in 2014, and nominated for Independent Curators International’s (ICI) 2014 Independent Vision Curatorial Award. In the same year, he was awarded Curator of the Year by Chinese Contemporary Art Power List. In 2016, he was awarded Yishu Awards for Curating Contemporary Chinese Art.

Xiong Lei

Operations Director

Xiong Lei is an experienced curator and planner of cultural and art activities with nearly twenty years’ expertise in curating and managing large-scale cultural, art and creative activities. Majoring in International Trade, she graduated from the University of International Business and Economics. She has been involved in a variety of highly-acclaimed institutes and projects in different capacities, including marketing manager of Times-Warner Inc., department head of Live Events, and operations director of non-profit organization Future Forum/Future Science Prize. She has been leading teams to curate and operate hundreds of large-scale international cultural, art and sports activities. She worked with the Beijing Olympic Committee and as team leader, successfully curated and operated dozens of cultural exchange activities for the Olympic Games held in Athens, Beijing and London.

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